We take so much importance in training and development because they compose the bedrock of our success and client's satisfaction. We train with life experience scenarios so as to enhance and enable our clients to acquire the essential skills required to perform their duty. Through our international expertise training program, we are able to identify clients' weaknesses and improve their capacity in enhancing their consistent duty and performance, giving them confidence, upgrading their quality of services resulting in paramount performance without being supervise. We believe in effective and innovative training program as a background for every security personnel and this is why Concept security and safety training teams go extra mile to bring to your table international recognize training program ranging from safety and security, fire drilling exercise, emergency response and tactical security self-defense fighting technics.
We are proud to introduce to you one of our certified training program with ASP (ARMAMENT SYSTEMS PROCEDURES). A world recognize baton tactic used by all international security force world-wide, united nation security system, private security guard and close protection officer. ASP Baton tactic is known for its effective and efficient rapid response baton that gives law enforcement confidence in performing their duty; where there no room for error, performance is paramount and failure is not an option.

Concept security and safety limited have selected training contacts world-wide to sought your security and safety demand. The training can be offered abroad our logistics teams will take care of your need to reduce the stress in a foreign country. Some specific training program can also be organize in your preferable location.