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Concept Security and Safety Limited, is very keen in delivering international tactical revolutionary security training that will change the impact in the way your organisation method of operation that will meet the international standard way of operation .As an instructor with armament Security Protocol (ASP)which is the dominant intermediate force manufacturer in the law enforcement community for the past 30 years. ASP is the most widely utilized baton and handcuff training in the world. The effectiveness of the ASP system is proven every day on the street. This distinctive commitment to the men and women of law enforcement is what distinguishes ASP, An unwavering dedication to quality world class products defined by their unmatched performance. ASP product and standard have been proving In 81 countries throughout the world including the united nation security service; ASP is the first choice of quiet professionals around the world Innovative concepts, Field proven designs, and an-uncompromising standard of quality. This extremely close working relationship with those who use ASP products led to designation as the firm "Protecting Those Who Protect. “.


Concept security and safety limited have enormous years of experience in the European fire service, fire safety officer with the responsibility of organizing fire safety procedure for both residential and organizational need. Fire is a major issue about asset protection, and can destroy practically all thing when the three elements comprises the formation of fire is activated plus few percentage of oxygen in the air then fire can development rapidly to thousands of degree within few minutes with high density of carbon monoxide, heat, high degree of burns, suffocation, fire can result in immediate death. Statistics show that fire incident happen during our absent, and in the night while we were asleep. That is why we in concept security and safety limited take so much pride in fire safety procedure and measure that will guarantee your property and life with high level of analytical assessment.

Concept security and safety limited have selected training contacts world-wide to sought your security and safety demand. The training can be offered abroad our logistics teams will take care of your need to reduce the stress in a foreign country. Some specific training program can also be organize in your preferable location.